Consortium of Dental Groups: Who, What, and Why

Who is involved:

  • AV Purinton Academy
  • Eastern Dental Study Group
  • Surburban Study Group
  • Ewing Study Group
  • DCCP

What is the Consortium:
  • A group of dental study clubs that have decided to act as one larger group
  • A group of dental study clubs that allow reciprocity between one another
  • This is the first year of the Consortium and a governing body is yet to be formed
  • Eventually there will be a website, oversight committee, and by-laws

Why do we have the Consortium:

Current trends in CE have led to significant overlap, redundancy, and decreased sponsorship. It is the express interest of the EDS board to continue to provide CE that is as informative and interesting as it is clinically relevant. This requires significant financial commitments that any one study club would have significant difficulty affording, if at all. By pooling our resources in the Consortium we are able to provide CE that appeals to everyone in a manner that allows us to actually keep our membership reasonable. The boards of the study clubs that have joined the Consortium all have agreed to use this commitment to one another as a way to better everyone’s CE experience. Additionally all boards have agreed to allow the committed study clubs to enjoy reciprocity amongst one another. Thus we can widen our networking and available CE while saving money.

Future with the Consortium:

In the near future, after by-laws are written up, we will make available a full explanation of the Consortium and its commitment to its members. But for now, this cursory explanation is to help all our EDS members understand the basics of Who, What, and Why in regards to the Consortium.


Dr. Ron Kaminer:
Friday, April 14, 2017

“Out With The Old, In With The New”


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